Hey there! Nice to meet you 🙂

Welcome to The Aproneer! I'm Sam, and I love to share the food my family loves to eat. We live in Tasmania, the island state of Australia.

Together with my wife Lou, we have three children, the youngest two of which are still very picky eaters. Here, you'll find recipes I've developed, photographed and written about. Our recipes are a mixture of family friendly meals, along with our recipes for entertaining the wider family.

My favourite cuisines are European, more specifically the Mediterranean countries of Italy and Greece. We both also love Middle Eastern cuisines, with the southern Mediterranean being Lou's favourite. We are both quite partial to a good curry as well, and always try to discover new and interesting things to eat, so you're sure to find something you like here.

Everything I cook is made from scratch, and I avoid processed ingredients where possible. When using ingredients that might not be widespread, I'll always give you substitutions and advice on where to buy them.

I'm an ardent believer that cooking has to be fun and not rigid; my recipes are a guide. You should always taste as you cook and adjust the recipes to your taste. For example, if you're not a fan of wine in food, change it out for chicken stock or a stock cube. I'll always try and point this out, but if you're ever in doubt leave a comment on the recipe.

I want everyone to enjoy my recipes, and I try to make them as authentic as possible.

Sam Knight The Aproneer

Why The Aproneer

Friends and family are always asking for my recipes, so I started The Aproneer to make it easier to share with them, and the world as a whole. I also thought it would be a good way for my family to chronicle the food that we eat and the memories we make while eating them & exploring the world with food.

As for why I named it The Aproneer... Friends & family always comment on me wearing an apron as I'm always in the kitchen. Aproneer came from that, and I figured The Aproneer was a pretty good name for a food blog.

More about me

By trade, I'm in tech - I make computers do things. I love that this blog gives me a creative outlet to explore a different side of myself; it's been a fantastic journey learning about plating, photography, writing and everything that goes into running a food blog.

What you'll find on The Aproneer

  • Easy, family friendly and tasty recipes
  • Lots of bread recipes
  • Exciting foods from different cuisines as we explore them
  • Takeaway and restaurant dishes
  • Lots of Northern and Southern Mediterranean dishes
  • Salads - lots of salads! We love salads and have them with most meals
  • Ideas for entertaining – we love to entertain and will occasionally publish posts with advice on snacks, starters, mains and desserts; use these for inspiration for your own entertaining!

A word about measurements and temperatures

I'm in Australia and I use metric measurements for my recipes. This means that:

  • 1 tsp is 5ml. This is close enough to a US teaspooon (4.92ml) that they're interchangeable.
  • 1 tbsp is 15ml. This is close enough to a US tablespoon (14.77ml) that they're interchangeable. Aussies, take note that our standard tablespoon as defined by the Government is 20ml.
  • 1 cup is 250ml. This is significantly different to a US-cup measurement (236.5ml) so you will need to counter accordingly. For this reason, I always try and give volumetric or weight measurements as appropriate for cup measurements.

Unless otherwise explained in my recipes, when referring to individual ingredients (i.e. apples, onions, carrots, etc) all ingredients are "medium" or "average". I think that cooking needs to be fun and if you need to be precise, I'll let you know by weight. Use your judgement and always cook to your own tastes; my recipes are a guide and should not be followed as a law!

Temperatures are always in Celsius and are converted to Fahrenheit as required. Whenever an oven temperature is specified, it's always for a fan forced oven. Adjust accordingly if you have a conventional oven.


In my recipes, salt is only ever a guidance - you should always taste your food as you season. Unless otherwise specified, the amount I mention is a coarse cooking salt – what American's call "Kosher" salt – not a fine table salt.

You should pay particular care to recipes that have a large amount of salty ingredients; for example Spaghetti alla Puttanesca contains anchovies, capers and olives, all of which are salty ingredients. Stock is another ingredient to be careful with, particularly with purchased stock which has varying amounts of salt.

Always add the salt and pepper slowly, because you can always add more but you can't take it out!

Please reach out and say hi!

I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment on any page which I'll see, or you can email me directly at hello [AT] aproneer [dot] com. Just replace the [AT] with @ and [dot] with a .

How to support me

Please share my recipes with family and friends on social media, and follow me on Facebook or Instagram. Engagement on these platforms really helps posts get traction, so the best way you can help me is to like and comment on my posts.

Hey, I'm Sam! Welcome to The Aproneer.

I created The Aproneer to share the recipes that my family and friends love to eat.

Here you'll find a mixture of tried and tested family favourites, great entertaining options and a variety of authentic international dishes.